In Massages with Karma we guide you to the moment in which your tensions, stress and small problems of every day life which cloud your best moments disappear through techniques such as: Chiromassaje, shiatsu, thai massage, acupressure and reiki….

We can offer you three different types of massages:  The Basic Massage (it takes 1 hour long), The Complete Massage (it takes 1 hour and a half long) and las, The Deep Soul Massage (it takes 2 hours long). Both of these can be tweaked to have a more destructuring sports massage (in which we treat the muscles at a more profound level) or a more relaxing and anti-stress massage. Both of these massages are closed with a session of Reiki or Cranio Sacral treatment.

It is highly recommended to come to your appointment at least 5 minutes before starting. At the end of the treatment please try not to be in a hurry because of the daily life responsibilities. Once the session is ended the effects of the whole process will last several hours on your body. This will be the time to keep on enjoying it.


Our Rates (single massage)


One hour massage

  • A great opportunity to disconnect fom the world through chiromassage techniques, shiatsu, thai, reiki… massage in one of these zones: back and feet, back and legs, back and arms.

One and a half hour massage

  • A total disconnection from your surroundings following a massage of 90 minutes using natural essences and techniques that restabilixe and stimulate your body.

2 hours massage

  • A complete therapy that consists of stretching with a complete massage lasting about 90 minutes. It will set your inner speedometer starting from scratch.